Phoenix Family Law Attorneys


The Phoenix family law lawyers at Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb are a family-focused team. Though we specialize in several areas of practice, our greatest passion is family law. We believe in giving families’ peace of mind no matter their situation, and we fight hard to maintain that peace. Whether you’re filing for dissolution of divorce, determining custody of your children, or thinking about adopting children, our experienced attorneys are here to help you every step of the way.
Family law is a broad term which refers to several legal situations. It can encompass any of the following topics:

  • Divorce
  • Military divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Adoption
  • Domestic Violence/restraining orders
  • Modifications
  • Juvenile law
  • Paternity

Within these topics, individual laws vary depending on state. Our Phoenix, AZ attorneys have 30 years of experience as family lawyers, and we fully understand the finer nuances of Arizona family law. If you are in need of an attorney for family law strategies, our Phoenix family law attorneys will fight for you with passion and grit. We take the time to listen to our clients’ needs so we can represent you effectively.

Common Family Law Attorney Concentrations

  • Divorce. Legally termed a dissolution of marriage, divorces can range from simple and amicable to complex and fraught with animosity. No matter the situation, consider enlisting the help of an experienced Phoenix divorce attorney who will fight for your personal goals while maintaining civility. Arizona has various requirements for divorce filings, including residency requirements and no-fault grounds. In addition to procedural rules, there are also rules to the way your community property is divided up. Our Phoenix divorce attorneys are deeply experienced in divorce laws, so let us navigate these complicated laws for you.
  • Child custody and support. One of the hardest choices to make when filing for divorce is the choice of who will have primary child custody. Arizona courts base their decision on the best interest of the child, so it is important that our attorneys are familiar with our client’s histories in order to represent the child’s best interest effectively. In addition to child custody representation, we also assist with child support representation. Arizona puts child support as a top priority in a parent’s finances and sets support based on strict guidelines. An experienced Phoenix child support attorney will determine reasonable support that is in the best interest of your child.
  • Modifications. Child support and custody don’t have to be set in stone. Lives change all the time, and our clients may need to modify their divorce decrees because of a job loss, second marriage, or any other reason that like throws your way. Whether you’re looking to change your custody arrangement or enforce past due support payments, our attorneys are here to help.
  • Military divorce. Military divorce follows some separate rules of its own, and it can be a complicated process. Through the Service members Civil Relief Act, our attorneys keep all options and lines of communication open between you and your spouse. With one of our attorneys being a former active Duty JAG officer, we have a breadth of experience in dealing with complicated military divorces. We will represent you effectively and help you through the process of divorcing while on duty.

Helpful Answers to Family Law Questions

During our private, one-on-one consultation, we’ll take the necessary time to answer and and all of our questions surrounding Arizona’s family laws, your family’s unique situation, and the possible court outcomes. We encourage everyone who meets with out Phoenix family law attorneys to come with questions prepared; we’ll go over them one-by-one until you feel you are equipped with the necessary knowledge to select the best family lawyer for your needs.

Some common questions we receive and are happy to answer include:

  • Is mediation or litigation better for a divorce?
  • Can my spouse and I come to a child support agreement on our own, with no court interference? Are there problems that may arise from this?
  • What counts as “custodial interference?”
  • If I can prove my spouse is verbally abusive, can I ask for full custody of our children? What does Arizona generally require for proof or to grant one parent sole custody?
  • What happens down the road if my income is significantly lowered or diminished and I can no longer pay spousal or child support?
  • Is there such a thing as appealing family court decisions?

We hope our site serves to answer some of your questions, as well, on the dedicated pages.

With more than 30 years as Phoenix family lawyers, there are few scenarios we have yet to come across. Partner Mark Shields is one of the best family attorneys in Arizona having successfully worked on six state family appeal cases.

No matter the seriousness or extent of your question, please don’t hesitate to ask. In addition to answering questions, your attorney will review any documentation or evidentiary support you bring in and go over various possible actions. Our goal is for all potential clients to leave their consultation feeling prepared and confident in how to effectively handle their family law matter.

Family Court Locations in Maricopa County

Superior Court: Family LawMaricopa County RegionAddressCityZipcodeParking Information
Central Court BuildingDowntown Phoenix201 W. Jefferson St.Phoenix85003Paid parking available on streets or in garage
Northwest Regional CenterNorthwest14264 W. Tierra Buena LaneSurprise85374Free public parking
Northeast Regional Court ComplexNortheast 18380 North 40th St.Phoenix85032Free public parking
Southeast Regional Court ComplexSoutheast 222 E. Javelina Ave.Mesa85210Free public parking on main streets or on the South side of the courthouse.

All four locations are open Monday through Friday, with the exception of registered court holidays. Should we need to go to court, your case will be heard before a family court judge in one of the above four locations. Family superior courts are separate from criminal courts.

Experienced Phoenix Family Law Lawyers

In addition to family law, our attorneys at Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb have experience across several other areas of practice. We respect our clients deeply and treat them accordingly. Our practice continually receives recognition for our services, including superb AVVO ratings and Martindale-Hubbell client recognition awards. We know that dealing with divorce or other family law matters can often be an upsetting experience. We work tirelessly to maintain peace and civility between all parties to minimize stress. We will fight vigilantly for your rights and the best interests of you and your children.