Phoenix Employment Law Attorneys


Our goal is to help make your workplace a more productive, healthy, and happy place to work.  This is beneficial for both employees and employers. While we primarily represent employees who have been treated unfairly, we also represent employers to further the goal of enhancing the quality of the workplace.


For employees, we offer a range of assistance including:

  • Advice about your rights under the law and strategies to address issues at your workplace, including assistance with the early resolution of disputes,
  • Representation at settlement conferences and before agencies,
  • Filing complaints in court or responding to complaints filed against you in court, and
  • Taking cases to trial.

We represent employees who’d like help with cases involving:

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We assist employers by preventing violations of the law. We do this by:

  • Providing advice on personnel decisions,
  • Providing training on workplace laws,
  • Writing employment handbooks, and
  • Investigating workplace matters with recommendations for action.

We also provide representation of employers in the following ways:

  • Responding to employee reports of wrongdoing and demands for money, and
  • Representing employers at settlement conferences, before agencies, and in court.