Phoenix Criminal Lawyers (DUIs, Traffic and Misdemeanors)


Being accused of a crime may be one of the scariest experiences of your life. Whether you have been falsely accused or you have made a serious mistake, the team at Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb can protect your rights while you navigate the tough Arizona judicial system.

Our team of qualified attorneys takes criminal law in Arizona very seriously. We have the hands-on experience and expertise with the criminal justice system you need on your side to protect your rights and your future. Our team of skilled attorneys handles misdemeanors including shoplifting, drug possession, false ID cases and providing false information to a law enforcement officer, among others. We also handle DUIs and traffic violations.

When to Contact an Attorney

When faced with a criminal investigation or formal charges, the best time to contact an attorney is as soon as is humanly possible. These professionals will help you in court, but they will also provide valuable counsel during the investigation phase and protect your rights if and when you face charges. The sooner a criminal defense attorney can start working on your case, the better your chances are of having the claim dropped before you are charged or face a court date.

Being Arrested and Charged in Arizona

You do not have to be arrested to be charged with a crime in Arizona. If you are pulled over for a traffic violation, you might receive a citation that includes a court date and time. That means you have been charged with violating a law. If you are charged in this manner, investigated as part of a larger case or arrested on site, you should remain calm and comply with law enforcement officers, remain silent regarding the incident and ask for an attorney.

Your initial court date is your arraignment during which a judge will read you the charges and ask for your pleading. You are not required to obtain an attorney prior to the arraignment, but anyone who has worked in the justice system will advise you to do so. Criminal charges are rarely ever as black and white as the prosecution would have you believe.

Misdemeanor Convictions in Arizona

If you are convicted of a crime, a misdemeanor carries certain penalties that are less severe than a felony. However, it will still remain on your permanent criminal record indefinitely. For a misdemeanor, you will be sentenced to a $2,500 fine and 6 months in jail at most. Many of the individuals who plead guilty or are convicted do not face the maximum sentence, and with an experienced attorney’s guidance and expert counsel, many do not face jail time.

Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney

For many, a first time crime is a one-time crime. If you are facing charges for minor offenses in the Arizona criminal justice system, you need an attorney you can trust. But you also need one empathetic to your situation. At Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb, we understand the complexities of criminal law in Arizona and can help those facing minor crimes, including drug offenses, DUI and shoplifting. We have 30 years of experience with the justice system in Arizona and have successfully defended many clients facing wrongful or extreme charges. Many of our cases end in dismissals, dropped charges or significantly reduced sentences.

If you are convicted of a crime in Phoenix or any of the surrounding areas, we can help you protect your rights and your future and begin rebuilding your life. Call our office for more information about our criminal law practice or to get started on a successful strategy for your defense today.