Phoenix Business Law Attorneys


At Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb, we have been practicing across a broad spectrum of areas in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding communities since 1985. Our attorneys specialize in family law, business law, estate planning and probate, and employment law. Business law is a widely encompassing term which refers to several areas within the practice.

Attorneys who practice business law are experienced with business contracts, buying and selling, business planning, and many other areas pertaining to commercial trades. If you are planning on starting a business, or you are seeking experienced attorneys to handle your business affairs, contact the law offices of Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb today. Our expertise can address the following areas:

  • Business planning. When forming a business, clients must have experienced counsel to help them decide the type of entity they wish to create. Whether forming an LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, or any other type of entity, there are different advantages and drawbacks to each. Our attorneys take the time to listen to your needs and help you decide which entity is best for your business.
  • We provide ongoing counsel to small businesses to aid them with any legal situations that may arise in the future. One of the most important aspects of business planning is asset protection, and we are skilled at developing strategies that will protect your personal and business assets.
  • Contracts. Our attorneys are equipped to handle business contracts and transactions. We have experience in an array of commercial contracts like construction, intellectual property, patents, and insurance, among other types of legal documentation. We can help you prepare documentation in the most beneficial way for your business.
  • Litigation. In the event that disputes occur, which is common with larger businesses, we are experienced in business litigation. In the business world, litigation can arise from stockholders, partners, franchises, employees, among other things. When planning a business, we take every proactive action to ward against future litigation, but if it does occur, we can handle that, too. We represent our clients aggressively and fight for their best interest. We want to see our clients’ business ventures succeed, and we do everything in our power to make that so.

Excellent Legal Counsel for Your Business

The world of business law is multi-disciplinary and demands that competent attorneys be well-versed in a variety of specialties. Our attorneys have a firm grasp of what it takes to build and manage a business, including transactional work, tax law, real estate, sales, employment law, and more. We can handle the legal aspects of your business no matter how complex. We take care of the behind-the-scenes legalities so you can get back to doing what you do best: running your business. If you are planning a business venture or would like the ongoing services of the experienced attorneys at Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb, contact us today.

Your Phoenix, AZ Business Law Attorneys

At Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb, we take pride in finding sustainable solutions to even the most complex problems. Our attorneys have 30 years of experience in several specializations, and we work on your behalf with passion and skill. We represent businesses of all sizes, from two-person LLCs to corporations like U-Haul. No matter the size, we treat our clients with understanding and respect.

We are vigorous advocates for our clients, and we get to know each and every one so we can represent them effectively. We are good at what we do, and we are proud of it. We listen to your needs before building a comprehensive strategy to get your desired outcome. Our commitment to our clients has been recognized on several occasions, including superb AVVO ratings and two Martindale-Hubbell client recognition awards. We treat our clients like we care about them – because we do. Please feel free to contact us regarding any legal questions you may have.